I started out in the Hair and Makeup industry 13 years ago and I am based in Greater Manchester and cover all of the North West and am often called to travel throughout the UK for my services. 

From a young age, I began working at a local hair salon, where I initially gained an extensive amount of experience with Bridal Hairstyling, intricate up-do's, blow drying and general all round styling.
After leaving school, whilst studying at college to gain my Degree in Fashion, Theatrical and Media Hair and Makeup, I was given the opportunity to work with luxury cosmetic brands In Selfridges including Mac, Nars, Bobbi Brown and Chanel, all of which are regularly used within my Makeup Kit.  I am continuously able to carry out extensive research into finding the perfect products on the market, all tested for their longevity.  After freelancing for 8 years and working with many different clients, magazines, TV production companies and commercial fashion clients, in 2014 I was offered the role to Head up the Hair and Makeup Team at which is an amazing opportunity and I also have the pleasure of also working on weddings every weekend. 

About Me:

I've been with my lovely hubby, Mark for 13 years now and we got married in July 2011 so I know only too well how stressful it all can be. My advice it to enjoy every second and take time out with your newly wed on the day itself! We also welcomed our little girl Eliza into the world in 2014 and our newest addition, Max in 2017 so it's safe to say I'm always super busy, just how I like it!

I carry my trusted virtual office around everywhere I go, my whole work life is on the little machine so I will never be too far away from replying to any enquiries or questions you may have.
Oh and finally, I love a good cuppa tea so stick the kettle on! Dash of milk, no sugar please :)

I always provide a professional, friendly and reliable service, unique to every client and tailor-made to suit your personal requirements.

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